Chi Alpha Sigma

Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization established to recognize college student-athletes who earn a varsity letter in at least one sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their junior and senior years.

Chi Alpha Sigma's purposes are as follows: To encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at four-year accredited colleges and universities. To recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letter winners. To encourage good citizenship, moral character, and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics. To recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department, and college or university. To mentor and to provide leadership to other athletes.


*Matthew Ball, Men's Swimming, Junior
Dylan Beck, Baseball, Junior
*Payton Belella, Women's Volleyball, Senior
Danny Castillo, Men's Soccer, Junior
*Zach Crossey, Men's Cross Country, Swimming, Track and Field, Senior
*Robert Ellerson, Men's Soccer, Senior
*Nate Luscombe, Baseball, Senior
Jasmine Mangle, Women's Soccer, Junior
Tyla Massey, Women's Golf, Senior
*Kyle Moir, Men's Golf, Senior
Kyle Morgenroth, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
*Eamon Mulligan, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
*Lillie Myers, Women's Lacrosse, Senior
*Eli Nicholson, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
Hannah Pause, Equestrian
Danielle Pitts, Women's Track and Field, Junior
*Hailey Poisal, Field Hockey, Senior
*Max Riedel, Men's Swimming, Senior
Brad Sawyer, Baseball, Junior
Erin Scarborough, Women's Soccer, Junior
Alyssa Siebers, Women's Soccer, Junior
*ALonna Soward, Field Hockey, Senior
Gina Sterling, Field Hockey, Junior
Tyler Volentine, Baseball, Senior
Christian Wagner, Men's Golf, Junior
Brady Ward, Baseball, Junior
Ashley Wiedemann, Women's Soccer, Junior
*Ian Wittler, Men's Lacrosse, Senior

28 total inductees, 13 repeat
* repeat honoree


Samantha Bailey, Women's Track and Field, Senior
Andy Baker, Men's Golf, Senior
Matthew Ball, Men's Swimming, Junior
Payton Belella, Women's Volleyball, Junior
*Kyle Bulgarelli, Men's Soccer, Track and Field, Senior
*Danny Capps, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
*Luke Casey, Men's Basketball, Track and Field, Senior
*Will Clampitt, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
Elien Comhaire, Women's Soccer, Junior
Kara Conway, Women's Tennis, Junior
Zach Crossey, Men's Cross Country, Track and Field, Junior
Robert Ellerson, Men's Soccer, Junior
Amanda Hackney, Women's Basketball, Senior
*Joseph Hutchins, Men's Golf, Senior
Nate Luscombe, Baseball, Junior
*Jackie Mangogna, Women's Track and Field, Field Hockey, Senior
Kyle Moir, Men's Golf, Junior
Eamon Mulligan, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
Lillie Myers, Women's Lacrosse, Junior
Eli Nicholson, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
*Kayli Paugh, Softball, Senior
Hailey Poisal, Field Hockey, Junior
*Taylor Polito, Equestrian, Women's Lacrosse, Senior
Max Riedel, Men's Swimming, Junior
*Kristen Scott, Softball, Senior
*Alex Sexton, Men's Tennis, Senior
Michelle Shedd, Women's Tennis, Senior
Sophie Smith, Women's Tennis, Senior
ALonna Soward, Field Hockey, Junior
Tim Sylvia, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
Ian Wittler, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
Afton Woodring, Women's Swimming, Senior

32 total inductees, 10 repeat
*repeat honoree


*Allie Appleby, Women's Basketball/Lacrosse, Senior
*Scott Bolen, Men's Basketball, Graduate Student
Kyle Bulgarelli, Men's Soccer/Track and Field, Junior
Michael Bushman, Men's Golf, Junior
Danny Capps, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
Luke Casey, Men's Basketball/Track and Field, Junior
Andrea Christmas, Women's Cross Country/Track and Field, Junior
Will Clampitt, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
*Drew Demich, Men's Soccer, Senior
*Jill Heyman, Women's Soccer/Track and Field, Senior
Joseph Hutchins, Men's Golf, Junior
*Caroline Kinna, Women's Volleyball, Senior
Beth Laque, Softball, Junior
*Anne Lessard, Women's Swimming/Track and Field, Senior
*Trevor Magnuski, Men's Basketball, Senior
Jackie Mangogna, Women's Cross Country/Track and Field, Junior
*Nick Masucci, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
Zach Miller, Men's Swimming, Senior
Kayli Paugh, Softball, Junior
Taylor Polito, Equestrian, Junior
Conor Riggin, Men's Tennis, Junior
*Cameron Rogers, Men's Swimming, Senior
*Tanner Ruths, Men's Basketball/Tennis, Senior
Kristen Scott, Softball, Junior
Alex Sexton, Men's Tennis, Junior
Miranda Sly, Women's Soccer/Cross Country, Junior
*Karina Stetsyuk, Women's Cross Country/Track and Field, Senior
Angela Vines, Women's Golf, Senior
*Rafael Zamora, Men's Cross Country/Track and Field, Senior

29 total inductees, 12 repeat
*repeat honoree


Allie Appleby, Women's Basketball, Junior
Daniel Battle, Men's Soccer, Senior
Jared Bileski*, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
Scott Bolen, Men's Basketball, Graduate Student
Alexis Briscoe*, Field Hockey/Women's Basketball, Senior
Drew Demich, Men's Soccer, Junior
Brenna Elizondo*, Women's Volleyball, Senior
Joseph Fawley, Men's Soccer, Junior
Ryan Franklin, Men's Swimming, Senior
Stephen Friend, Men's Soccer, Junior
April Ganz, Field Hockey, Senior
Jill Heymann, Women's Soccer/Track & Field, Junior
Davon Hill*, Men's Basketball, Senior
Caroline Kinna, Women's Volleyball, Junior
Anne Lessard, Women's Lacrosse/Swimming, Junior
Trevor Magnuski, Men's Basketball, Junior
Angela Mansfield, Women's Cross Country/Track, Junior 
Nick Masucci, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
Leah Norris, Women's Soccer, Senior
Emily Plum, Women's Cross Country/Track, Senior
Cameron Rogers, Men's Swimming, Junior
Tanner Ruths, Men's Basketball, Junior
Joshua Sexton*, Men's Track & Field/Tennis, Senior
Karina Stetsyuk, Women's Cross Country/Track, Junior
Brittany Whitham*, Women's Swimming, Senior
Rafael Zamora, Men's Track & Field, Junior 

26 total inductees, 6 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Caitlin Bean*, Women's Cross Country/Track, Senior
Jared Bileski, Men's Lacrosse, Junior
Alexis Briscoe, Field Hockey/Women's Basketball, Junior
Brittany DeValk, Women's Swimming, Junior
Sandra Dziadas*, Women's Tennis, Senior
Brenna Elizondo, Women's Volleyball, Junior
Caitlin Fay, Women's Swimming, Junior
Davon Hill, Men's Basketball, Junior
Rachel Marlow, Field Hockey, Senior
Brandon McCormick, Men's Lacrosse, Senior
Ashley Park-Brouse*, Women's Volleyball, Senior
Emily Richardson, Field Hockey, Junior
Hayley Rogers*, Women's Swimming/Volleyball, Senior
Joshua Sexton, Men's Track and Field/Tennis, Junior
Margarita Swissler*, Women's Track and Field, Senior
Gretchen Whitesell*, Women's Cross Country, Senior
Brittany Whitham, Women's Swimming, Junior 

17 total inductees, 6 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Nick Aldana*, Men's Track & Field, Senior
Alex Ayer*, Men's Track & Field, Senior
Caitlin Bean, Women's Cross Country/Track, Junior
Maddie Birmingham*, Field Hockey, Senior
Erin Botker, Women's Volleyball, Junior
Chris Catalfamo*, Men's Cross Country/Track, Senior
Nathan DuBell, Men's Cross Country/Track, Junior
Sandra Dziadas, Women's Tennis, Junior
Megan Kowaleski*, Women's Soccer, Senior
Rachel Marlow, Field Hockey, Junior
Ian McDonald*, Men's Soccer, Senior
Ashley Park-Brouse, Women's Volleyball, Junior
Hayley Rogers, Women's Swimming/Volleyball, Junior
Jennifer Rutherford*, Softball, Senior
Margarita Swissler, Women's Track & Field, Junior
Jackie Wenzel*, Softball, Senior
Gretchen Whitesell, Women's Cross Country, Junior

17 total inductees, 8 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Nick Aldana, Men’s Track & Field, Junior
Anela Alic, Volleyball, Junior
Alex Ayer, Men’s Track & Field, Junior
Sara Bean*, Women’s Cross Country/Track, Senior
Maddie Birmingham, Field Hockey, Junior
Kimi Brunot*, Women’s Lacrosse, Senior
George Bucheimer*, Men’s Cross Country/Track, Senior
Chris Catalfamo, Men’s Cross Country/Track, Junior
Casey Dunn, Softball, Senior
George Gambrell, Men’s Lacrosse, Senior
Kaitlyn Hays, Volleyball, Junior
Mike Higgs, Men’s Lacrosse, Junior
Amanda Hutzell*, Women’s Soccer, Senior
Travis Kline*, Men’s Tennis, Senior
Megan Kowalewski, Women’s Soccer, Junior
Brittany Lethbridge*, Volleyball, Senior
Chad Love, Men’s Tennis, Junior
Emily Maerz*, Women’s Basketball/Tennis, Senior
Ian McDonald, Men’s Soccer, Junior
Stephen McNamara, Men’s Cross Country/Track, Junior
Jennifer Rutherford, Softball, Junior
Trey Quinn*, Men’s Basketball/Tennis, Senior
Aimee Smith*, Women’s Soccer, Senior
Miriah Stone*, Field Hockey/Lacrosse, Senior
Jeremy Veres, Men’s Basketball, Junior
Stephanie Weaver*, Women’s Soccer, Senior
Jackie Wenzel, Softball, Junior

27 total inductees, 11 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Emma Arneson, Women’s Cross Country/Track, Junior
Julie Barnett, Women’s Cross Country/Track, Junior
Sara Bean, Women’s Cross Country/Track, Junior
Catherine Brown, Women’s Swimming, Junior
Kimi Brunot, Women’s Lacrosse, Junior
George Bucheimer, Men’s Cross Country/Track, Junior
Ashley Darling, Field Hockey, Junior
Chris Digangi, Men’s Track & Field, Senior
Tyler Fairley*, Golf, Senior
Andrea Haines*, Women’s Swimming, Senior
Amanda Hutzell, Women’s Soccer, Junior
Travis Kline, Men’s Tennis, Junior
Will Lane, Men’s Soccer/Lacrosse, Junior
Brittany Lethbridge, Volleyball, Junior
Emily Maerz, Women’s Basketball/Tennis, Junior
Casey Miller, Women’s Soccer/Tennis, Senior
Kathryn Papuchis, Women’s Track & Field, Junior
Conor Prachar, Men’s Soccer, Senior
Trey Quinn, Men’s Basketball, Junior
Doug Raftery, Men’s Soccer, Senior
Carter Reitman*, Men’s Tennis, Senior
Laura Saad*, Women’s Tennis, Senior
Emily Schrodel*, Women’s Tennis/Swimming, Senior
Maria Smith, Field Hockey, Senior
Ramon Smith, Men’s Basketball, Senior
Miriah Stone, Field Hockey/Track & Field, Junior
Stephanie Weaver, Women’s Soccer, Junior
Mollie Widdowson*, Women’s Track & Field, Senior
Naseem Zietoon, Men’s Soccer/Track & Field, Senior

29 total inductees, 6 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Ally Austin, Volleyball, Senior
Jamie Bingaman, Women’s Soccer, Junior
Kelsey Blackwell*, Women’s Lacrosse, Senior
Katelyn Bramkamp*, Field Hockey, Senior
Tyler Fairley, Golf, Junior
Andrea Haines, Women’s Swimming, Junior
Olaoluwa Komolafe*, Men’s Track & Field, Senior
Allyson Lethbridge, Women’s Basketball, Senior
Kayla Murphy*, Women’s Track & Field, Senior
Aaron Prescott, Golf, Senior
Carter Reitman, Men’s Tennis, Junior
Bridgette Ringley*, Softball, Senior
Laura Saad, Women’s Tennis, Junior
Emily Schrodel, Women’s Tennis, Junior
Aimee Smith, Women’s Soccer, Junior
Kristina Straub*, Volleyball, Senior
Mollie Widdowson, Women's Track & Field, Junior
Phil Yerby*, Men's Tennis, Senior
Krista Zerby*, Women's Track & Field, Senior

19 total inductees, 8 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Kelsey Blackwell, Women’s Lacrosse, Junior
Katelyn Bramkamp, Field Hockey, Junior
Emily Brownlee, Cross Country, Senior
Adam Gilbert*, Men’s Soccer, Senior
Laura Hines*, Women’s Soccer, Senior
Olaoluwa Komolafe, Men’s Track & Field, Junior
Derrick Kuhn, Men’s Soccer, Junior
Christopher Moreland, Men’s Swimming, Senior
Kayla Murphy, Women’s Track & Field, Junior
Brandy Noel, Field Hockey/Women’s Lacrosse, Senior
Bridgette Ringley, Softball, Junior
Jessica Stanley*, Women’s Track & Field, Senior
Kristina Straub, Volleyball, Junior
Phil Yerby, Men’s Tennis, Junior
Krista Zerby, Women’s Track & Field, Junior

15 total inductees, 3 repeat inductees
*repeat honoree


Ben Caplins, Cross Country, Senior
Ashley Garyn, Swimming, Senior
Caitlin Erickson, Tennis, Senior
Jamie Gardner, Softball & Volleyball, Senior
Stephanie Gardner, Softball, Junior
Adam Gilbert, Soccer, Junior
Laura Hines, Soccer, Junior
Kelly Keyser, Cross Country & Track, Senior
Tomilayo Komolafe, Cross Country & Track, Senior
Jessika Krietz, Softball, Senior
Tim Kuhn, Cross Country, Junior
Jen Lacy, Softball & Field Hockey, Senior
Michelle Leggieri, Swimming, Senior
Danielle Sgro, Cross Country & Track, Senior
Jessica Stanley, Cross Country & Track, Junior
Katie Thomas, Track, Senior
Thomas Williams, Swimming, Junior

17 total inductees